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Our office has over 30 years combined experience in design and construction.

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Quite simply, we design residential, commercial interior and heritage adaptive re-use space; spaces where your life plays out, whether it be for work, play, family, or relaxation. We design spaces tailored to the client’s needs that are just as handsome as they are functional; spaces that are designed for a long life with the use of innovative design techniques and durable materials. We design #spacesforlife.


From humble beginnings in 1999 as Tilbury Drafting Studios in Penticton, British Columbia, we have grown and expanded, gained much knowledge and experience, and are constantly educating ourselves on current and future design techniques and building materials. We have completed projects across Canada, ranging from small residential projects to multifamily projects, commercial office space, restaurants, industrial buildings, and a variety of projects in between.


We use an Integrated Design approach to build a team of reliable professionals at the commencement of the design of a project which is key to the project being successful. We believe that form does truly follow function and that the design of a space should be driven by the users and occupants. We strive to design spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and consider the environment in all our work. We’re passionate about design and we love what we do.


Sustainability is making informed, long-term decisions and choosing healthy and durable building products that will perform over the lifetime of a building. It’s about designing holistically, assembling a team of qualified professionals, each with their own specialized knowledge and expertise, to collaborate on the project. A sustainable building fits easily into its environment and is designed to stand the tests of time. As Architect Lance Hosey once stated, “sustainability isn’t separate from design– it’s the key to it” and we couldn’t agree more.


There’s something special about old buildings – the attention to detail and the sense of past times while standing in a historic space. Heritage buildings were designed and constructed to last for centuries and if renovated and restored properly, they can perform just as well as newly constructed buildings, and sometimes even better. Heritage buildings are key to developing a sense of place and we’ve worked with building owners and municipalities to ensure their heritage assets are properly restored and preserved.

Meet the Team

Troy Tilbury

Troy Tilbury

Troy’s passion for design and construction began at an early age while growing up in new subdivisions with construction all around. Growing up in Ottawa, Ontario and Penticton, British Columbia, he knew early on that he wanted a career in construction, which brought him to study architecture at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary and graduate in 2005 with honours. He has frequently volunteered his time with municipal and provincial sustainability and housing organizations and has previously instructed Architectural Technology at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.


Raelyn Tilbury

Raelyn Tilbury

Raelyn has always been creative, and finds enjoyment in coming up with creative solutions to spatial problems. Raelyn received her Bachelor of Environmental Design from Dalhousie University in 2003 and then went on to complete a diploma in Architectural Technologies with Honours in 2005. She has a passion for Heritage and the craftsmanship that went into old buildings and strives to preserve and highlight these aspects of construction for future generations to appreciate. Raelyn is currently employed as a Heritage Conservation Technologist with the Government of Canada’s Heritage Conservation Services and has attained her NCIDQ certification in Interior Design.