BTN Accountants Office

Commercial Design, Interior Finish Selection


Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

General Contractor

Cardinal (Leeville) Construction

Construction Completed


Services Provided

Commercial Design, Interior Finish Selection


BTN Accountants had outgrown their leased space in downtown Moose Jaw and began looking into options to own their own building. At the same time, Moose Jaw had recently lost their YMCA building to a fire, and the land on Ominica Street became available. They brought a sketch of a floor plan to Leeville (then Cardinal) Construction, who in turn contacted us to produce plans as a design-build. We worked with the partners of BTN to design a functional, modern space with fantastic street appeal. The exterior design provides hints of the previous heritage building that stood there with a central staircase and curved windows. The office building has performed well for BTN Accountants and will continue to serve them into the future.